Wednesday, 28 March 2012

So close...

Well, we are nearing the end of our build now! In fact in two hours we are having our ' final walk through' - can't wait! It seems strange that something that has affected our lives for so long now will soon be over and we will soon be living on our own again as a family and in our dream house!
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new house, everything has come together better than we could ever have expected!

Although we had a very rocky start with our SS due to some earlier building issues (all of which have been rectified and we are very happy with now) we have since been pleasantly surprised with the help and support he has offered us throughout the rest of our build. I must say, anyone who knows us as a couple knows that we are both pretty picky. When things have not been quite right and we have advised our SS of our concerns, he has immediately addressed them and got the tradies back to fix the problem. On Monday, we had the sealant company come to do the silicone sealing around our wet areas. Naturally, we had some concerns about the colour sealant they would use as the grout in our bathrooms is grey and not white. I called our SS to ask if we could set up a meeting, sure enough we were invited to meet with the person applying the sealant. He went through the various colours and applied two he thought would look best so we could pick :)

So, I have some pictures taken of the house at 7am on Monday after our meeting. It was still quite dark so we got to see the house with some of the lights on.

Main bathroom

Study Nook



And finally a picture of the house with the fences down!

On another note we have booked in for our flooring and carpet to be done once we get the keys. We finally decided on spotted gum timber flooring. Our good friends got the same floor laid just two weeks ago and it looks awesome. Hope ours looks just as good!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

All painted

Things are really rolling along now since the last update. All the painting inside and out side of the house is now totally complete, and we are very happy with the colours we chose more than a year ago. The front door and timber work to the entry of the house have been done and looks good, even though it seems to be darker than we expected.

Our bench tops have gone in. They are currently covered over for protection, but what we have been able to see of them looks fantastic, particularly in the Laundry. All the wardrobes and electrical fit out is complete. The plumber is meant to be on site today to install all the tap wear, toilets and bathtub etc. On last glance, on one of many drive bys, the Air con had also arrived and been connected and installed. All in all there is not a lot now to complete before the big day, apart from some mirrors, door handles, sealing to the wet areas and a good clean throughout.

On another note we have been busy sourcing floor coverings and have decided on our carpet and spotted gum timber flooring. Lighting is the next little thing to finalise as well as the window coverings to the front rooms of the house, if we have any $$$ left. Quotes for the fencing are in the making and we are gearing up for some earthworks around the house as soon as we get hold of the keys. There's a lot happening behind the scene's at the moment in readiness for action stations in hopefully two or three weeks when it is FINALLY OURS!!