Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gyp-rocking along!

Well into the new year now and things have been taking shape steadily on the house over the last two or so weeks since the tradies returned from the Christmas break. The remainder of the eves were installed and the replacement timber beam that we thought had gone walk about over the holidays had returned to site and been installed over the front entry.

All the gyprock has been installed with the exception of a small section of ceiling and cornice to be pulled out and replaced inside a cupboard in the garage as it was out of square. The wet areas have had there first stage in water proofing and we have been informed they will be back to finish off towards the end of the week.

We noticed the carpenter has been on site and installed all the architraves around the doors and windows. We are guessing skirting boards will be next. All the door jams and frames have been squared up and properly secured to the house frames to my relief. Humes doors have also been on site and attached all the doors and we have been told that the garage door will arrive and be install early next week to coincide with the arrival of the kitchen and bathroom vanities.

On another note, the issue we had concerning the bricks has been dealt with at this stage. We were able to meet with the area supervisor and site foreman at the house to outline our concerns on the particular area of the house and they were more than happy to do what ever it took to resolve the problem and put our minds at ease. We appreciate the time given to take our concerns into consideration and have high hopes that the end result will meet our expectations. We will keep you posted.

In all, things are progressing positively and in the right direction and we are more than happy with how things are looking. Small problems and mistakes will no doubt continue to arise, as would happen in any build, but I think the key is the keep on top of them and make those responsible aware of them before the build progresses to a stage where it becomes an even bigger issue to resolve. Hats off to McDonald Jones over the last couple of days, we really appreciated the time taken to meet on site and the odd phone call out of the blue goes a long way too, let me tell you. Thankyou.    

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