Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Background

Welcome to our build blog. But before we can begin on what is about to happen we would like to give you an insight into our background. In September of 2010 my wife and I sold our comfortable 3 bedroom home and moved out in October. We had been looking to move for around 12 months but just struggled to find what we were looking for.

Vermont Estate at Pitt Town, funny enough was the first place we looked. We both agreed it was beautiful and would be a wonderful environment in which to bring up a family. However it was just at the higher end of the price range that we could afford at the time and so put it on the back burner and decided to keep looking elsewhere. We finally found a large block 1200sqm of land on the outskirts of Sydney and quickly fell in love with it. After spending such a long time looking, we decided to go for it and put our house on the market. Everything went like clock work with the sale of the 3 bedroom house, selling it on the first weekend for more than we expected. The following Monday I phoned the estate agent to sign on the dotted line for the perfect block of land to build our dream home, only to be told that he had sold it on that weekend for $20000 less than what we initially offered. I know, WTF was what I said then and am still saying now!!

So there we were homeless, shattered and know where to go. Our sights quickly turned back to the place we first fell love love with and ventured to, Vermont Estate Pitt Town. Luckily a brand new stage had just come onto the market (there were no roads, it was all bush and unregistered) so we took a huge leap and secured a large 800sqm block mid September 2010. This is where our building journey began some 12 months ago today.

Early stages of our road construction and Block to the right
Finally registration and settlement of our land
30th June 2011

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