Thursday, 22 September 2011

McDonald Jones Santorini Manor

After looking at a number of different home builders we chose McDonald Jones to build our new home. The quality of their homes, inclusions and the fact that they had built a number of homes at Vermont that really suited the rural environment won us over.

Within no time we had sat down with Aaron, picked our house and signed on the dotted line in early December 2010.
The Santorini Manor
After making a number of internal and external changes with our house plans under the helpful guidance of Aaron we were able to finalise what we wanted and were finally underway. Early February 2011 brought with it our colour selection appointment. This was a huge day in which to decide everything we wanted in the house. We came prepared and everything went relatively smoothly on the day.

Things progressed smoothly but ever so slowly (thanks to the property developer taking for ever to register the land) in regards to liaising with McDonald Jones thanks Melissa James who has been wonderful. Registration of the land, we were told, was supposed to occur in March 2011, but alas registration was not reached until June surprise, surprise! Once we had rego, we were able to settle on the block of land not long after. MDJ moved things along as quickly as possible from this point on. They set up our electrical appointment, which was easier than expected and then allowed us to make some last minute changes before we signed the contract and lodged with the dreaded Hawkesbury Council in early August, where the Mexican standoff began.    

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