Thursday, 27 October 2011

Build me a House!

Taken a few drives past the house over the last week and are happy to report that things are taking shape. Termite protection was installed, windows arrived, wall frames and roof trusses were delivered and erected. Starting to look very much like a house now.

Not sure how or what the termite protection is supposed to do when the frame of your house is steel, but hey it might stop the nasty little buggers getting into the furniture??

Putting the puzzle together. Glad to say there was no pieces missing.

One issue we did notice on one of our many detoured visits to the site was that our wall frames on either side of the garage seem to be over hanging the slab by some 120 mm! After secretly taking a look at a number of McDonald Jones houses being constructed in the area, it became pretty clear to me that there had been a cock up made somewhere by someone with either the slab, frames or on the drawings.

Concerned about how this may affect the brickwork on either side of the garage I organised to meet the site foreman on site. After meeting on site to sort out the issue I was informed that it would be rectified in quick time and MDJ would structurally guarantee the work carried out. Fingers crossed MDJ hold up there end of the bargain and follow through in solving this issue in quick time so the brick work is not compromised or worse still held up.

Anyway, the next step that we have been informed of in the construction process is in the lap of the plumber, sparky and brickies. Looking forward to seeing those pallets of PGH bricks next week.

By the way that person, kid (imbecile) with the spray can, bugger off and get a job you low life!

Stay tuned!

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