Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bricks have arrived!!

It feels like ages since the last mass activity on the block, even though the frames only finished a bit over a week ago. But alas our beautiful PGH Mild Steel bricks have arrived and the first course is already down!

Last week saw the installation of our power box to the side of the house frame as well as the running of all recycled and mains water throughout the house to the desired locations. Along with this, the gas piping and points were installed, as well as all the exterior taps on the house. The frame work is also now totally complete. All in all we are happy with the progress and quality of the workmanship so far!

On another note, I was contacted by the slab supervisor, (like I was promised), to inform me to meet with the concretor on site yesterday, to witness the repairs to the Hob in the garage, which I had raised concerns about a number or weeks ago. To the builders and concretors credit, the work was carried out without hassles and to the required standards. 

I was also lucky enough to meet the bricky, who clearly illustrated to me how the brick work either side of the garage would work in with the overhanging frame. Within a number of minutes, all my concerns were resolved and I was more than happy with how things were going to progress from now on. Full credit to the tradies again! 

Our Site Supervisor also called today to notify us that the things were on track and if the weather remained fine the Brick work should be complete by this time next week when the roofing would then take place shortly after.

If all goes well and mother nature is kind to us, we may even get some internal work complete before the jolly old fat man in the red suit arrives at Christmas. I have everything crossed!! 

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