Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bricked & Guttered!

Its only been a week since our last update and we are happy to report the following has been completed:

  • Brickwork (check) 
  • Power meter (check) 
  • Fascia (check) 
  • Gutter (check) 
  • Anticon Blanket and Roofing delivered (check)!!!

The completed brickwork and front piers really give some perspective and size to both the exterior and interior of the house. I'm also pretty happy to report some of the unused bricks left over will go to good use during the landscaping stage!

After a night of pouring rain which continued through the next day we decided to drop by the site to check out our castle and moat. To our amazement there was a little yellow rain coated tradie, hard at work installing the Fascia and Gutter. Commitment plus! Top Bloke! By the end of the day it was all done and dusted (more like mud really).

With the Anticon Blanket and Colour Bond sitting at the ready, it looks promising that sometime next week the lid will go on and if this weeks weather is anything is to go by, the gutters will get a good test as well!

Wait and see what happens!


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