Thursday, 17 November 2011

Fully Bricked Mate! (Well almost)

Finally some fine hot weather. It fact it was so hot on Monday, our Brickies decided not to show up. We can't win, its either too wet too work or too hot! Nevertheless I'm not about to complain because we are more than happy with the job they are doing on our brick work at the moment.

At the present stage the entire house has been bricked up to at least head height or higher and the bricks look better than what we expected now we can view it in large sections rather than single bricks.

The Brick layers have been great. On the weekend we noticed a broken brick that had been laid. On Tuesday when we spoke to the guys on site and they were more than happy to pull it out and replace it with another. After watching them for half an hour or so it was clear to see how careful and selective they were being with the bricks not to lay any that had slight imperfections. Can't fault these guys as they have been friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. So far the McDonald Jones Tradies continue to impress.

While on one of our daily visits to the house we were luckily enough to meet the carpenter who will be installing the Kitchen and Study desk etc. It is always great to meet the person building the items in our house that we will be living with for years to come. He was double checking and measuring up benches etc and said work will commence on them and will be ready to install in about six weeks. Very impressive.

Anyway hopefully the next time you here from us we will be happy to report that we are water tight and have a lid on the place, here's hoping!


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